Get Lost In Powell’s Books
Powell’s Books is home to more than one million books. Located in the Pearl District, this unique bookstore boasts the title of ‘largest independent bookstore in the world’.

Visit The Smallest Park In The World
At the intersection of SW Naito Parkway and Taylor Street located in the center divide, you will find Mill Ends Park measuring in at a whopping 452 square inches as being the smallest park in the world.

Pose Under The Keep Portland Weird Sign
Portland’s mantra is meant to embrace the uniqueness of the city and support local businesses. You will see the saying on bumper stickers throughout the town, but no sticker is quite as impressive as the huge painted wall located just one block from The Hoxton across the street from Voodoo doughnuts.

Stroll Through Lan Su Chinese Garden
Dubbed by many as ‘the most authentic Chinese garden outside of China, the Lan Su Garden is serenity personified. This walled garden will instantly transport you out of the U.S to China as soon as you walk through the gates. Lan Su Garden can be loosely translated to mean the “Garden of the Awakening Orchids.” That is exactly what you will experience as you explore Chinese culture, see their way of thinking and learn a bit about their history.

Explore The Shanghai Tunnels (if horror stories aren’t your thing, refer to the next activity)
This elaborate web of tunnels is surrounded by fantastic legends of horrific tales that will send a chill down your spine. During the period between 1850 and 1941, Portland was known as the “Forbidden City of the West.” This is because it was one of the most dangerous ports in the U.S, if not the world. Within this period, a series of tunnels, known as the ‘Shanghai Tunnels,‘ was developed under the city streets. These tunnels linked a wide web of hotels and basement bars to each other and to the docks at the Willamette River. They were also used to ferry goods, people, supplies as well as a host of other illicit activities to and from the ships that visited the docks at Portland. For a time, able bodied men were drugged and smuggled through these tunnels to work on forced labor basis as crew men on ships that needed the workforce. This elaborate web of tunnels is surrounded by fantastic legends of horrific tales that will send a chill down your spine. You can explore this with the Portland Underground Walking Tour.

Drink Oregon Wine & Make A Toast At A Local Winery
The Portland Wine Bar and Winery Tasting Room opened in March 2012. Located a block from Pioneer Square, it just keeps getting better every year. They focus on local, small batch wines from other small Oregon and Washington wineries and keep rotating the wines. As a Portland urban winery tasting room, they host a large number of tourists seeking out Pacific Northwest Wines, especially Oregon Pinot noir. #KeepWineWeird

Peruse The Collections At The Portland Art Museum
The Portland Art Museum was founded in 1892 and is the seventh oldest museum in the country. The museum has become famous around the world because of its permanent collection that has more than 42,000 pieces in it. For history buffs, there are plenty of historic art pieces on display. There are many pieces that have been collected from the native people of North America as well as a large collection of English silver. The campus that the museum sits on also has the Jubitz Center for Modern and Contemporary Art which is well worth taking a look at.

Drink A Flaming Spanish Coffee At Huber’s
A Flaming Spanish Coffee at Huber’s consists of Bacardi 151 rum, Kahlua, Bols Triple Sec, coffee, fresh whipped cream and a touch of nutmeg on top. But, what makes this drink a special thing to do in Portland is the execution that involves a fire-filled show, prepared table-side and with lots of flair.